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10 Timeless Commandments for Good Website Design

10 Timeless Commandments for Good Website Design

0 There are a lot of web design and development trends evolving every now and then according to the changes in people’s likes and dislikes. Change is constant and innovative; it is a ladder to pace up with the trends and compete in the market. But there are certain design methodologies that are evergreen which are already practiced  by web application development companies and there are some new methodologies too that have come to stay. Today we will discuss the 10 timeless commandments for a good website design to know what they are. Just like how the commandments are eternal and guides you on ethics, these 10 commandments will guide you on the ethics of developing a good web design. So here it goes,
1.Good design is ever evolving. A good design should always keep up with the advancements in technologies by staying up to date with the drift. You cannot put a full stop to updating design once the development of the website concludes. It should be ever evolving with respect to the website trends to go in the way the wind blows. If your design is a good design, it will accommodate the changes made due to advancements in technology and will be imperishable. Convention is your comrade, it will be worthy only if it is flexible and adjusts itself to new technologies.
2.Good design is straight forward Nobody likes false promises. Your website design should not promise something that you don’t offer. It has to convey only what you offer your customers in a smart manner. There’s no doubt that should capture the user’s eye but care should be taken that it shouldn’t be manipulative. A website that gives a false impression to the customer will eventually end up losing them along with a loss of reputation to the company.
3.Good design should go mobile. Going mobile is the important part of reaching up to a number of users as the users accessing websites through their phones have increased drastically with the smartphone advent. A responsive design is important for a website to have a good design.

good website design
4.Good design is minimalistic Apple has already proved us the perks of minimalistic design with its products. Minimalism in good design lets the viewer’s focus on the essential features of the site without getting distracted by superfluous graphics and cluttering of contents. Another great minimalistic design that is loved by the masses is our favorite Google search page that is clutter free and utilizes white space effectively.
5.Good website design pays attention to details. A good design should have all necessary elements. Care should be taken that every single detail of the product and website is covered. There shouldn’t be any item that is present in the website that doesn’t have any purpose nor adds value to the product. To build a detail oriented website to serve your purpose, you have to ensure that even the tiniest details are covered and optimized. In today’s world with millions of web development companies it would be very difficult to choose the best, in this scenario eDesk HUB can help you to select the top web development company as per your requirement & budget.
6.Good website design has seamless navigation A good  website design does not let its target audience  search for the navigation in the site. Providing clear details on where the pages are available will help the audience  navigate easily. Sitemaps, menu drop downs, next/back buttons on the top and bottom of the content will help users to easily navigate between pages with ease and find what they are looking for.
7.Good website design should mirror the product. A good design should elaborate and highlight the best features of the product. A website design should project what the product is all about. It should be self-explanatory, the users should get to know what the website sells on the first look of it. It should be communicative and interesting.
8.Good design is timeless It is necessary to follow the web design trends to keep up with the changing trends but a good design is robust and immortal. The base of the website should be usable, responsive and planned. Even though the trends change, the base of the website that is the usability and its structure remains the same undoubtedly. Yet again I would like to quote Google as the role model for this. Its age old design is not only usable but also timeless.
9.Good design has powerful CTA’s, A good design uses large and prominent CTA’s which have a contrasting color with the page. Powerful CTA’s are required for lead conversions in any business. If the design does not have powerful CTA’s that do not grab the user attention, then the design cannot be a good one.
10.Good design is SEO friendly A good design has to be Search engine optimized. Search engine optimization is not always keywords. The Graphics that you use, the image size, proper use of HTML, Responsiveness of the design etc. affect SEO rankings. SEO ranking is the primary ladder to reach a majority of users and a good design is the base for it. Final Thoughts A web design must follow all these 10 commandments to be a good design. Following these initially will help you to innovate easily without compromising on the usability. Your website should have a strong base and structure so that you can build more upon it, these principles will help you achieve it. Top web design & development companies have been religiously following these age-old commandments to reach their current position.


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